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  • TY-80 Hookah Tobacco Packaging Line

  • TY-150 Hookah Tobacco Packaging Line

  • TY-200 Hookah Tobacco Packaging Line

  • TY-80 100/500g Hookah Tobacco Packaging Line


As of 2000, in order to provide better and faster service to its customers and to meet the increasing machine production capacity, ELT MAKINE, which has a closed area of 3600 m2, aims to invest in the technology in its sector with the R&D and assembly center that it has completed on behalf of the ELITPACK brand it owns as a result of its belief in sustainable development continues.

— Nargile Tütünü Dolum Ünitesi

— Ters Yatay Ambalaj Makinası

— Otomatik Karton Kutu Açma ve Dolum Makinası

— Zarftipi Paketleme Makinası

— 10’lu Grupman Makinası

— 10’lu Grupman Ve Zarf Tipi Paketleme Makinası

— Kamera Kontrol Sistemleri

— Tartım Ünitesi

— Bandrol Ünitesi